• April, 2023: Urja is Masters student at Uni Tübingen, and will be doing a rotation with us for the next months. Welcome, Urja :)

  • March, 2023: We attended the second Münster Evolution Meeting, and presented our work on the role of GxE interations in complex traits. It was great to get know the community of people studying evolutionary questions in Germany!

  • Feb, 2023: Welcome to the lab, James! James Tan ShengYi is a new PhD student in our lab.

  • Jan, 2023: Our last paper is out in Nature Genetics! We explore how dietary stress remodels the genetic architecture of lifespan variation using an outbred Drosophila melanogaster population.

  • Oct, 2022: Céline Raiser and Harivignesh Ganesan, from Tübingen University, joined the lab as research assistants. Welcome! :)

  • Sep, 2022: Saudat Alishayeva is our brand new PhD student. Welcome Saudat!

  • Aug, 2022: Luisa attended the ESEB meeting in Prague and gave a talk in the symposium “Phenotypic plasticity importance in evolution”. But the highlight of the conference was that the John Maynard Smith prize to promising young evolutionary biologists went – 3 years in a row- to Colombian students! // La cosa más emocionante de asistir al congreso de la ESEB (Sociedad Europea de Biología Evolutiva), fue ver que el premio John Maynard Smith al mejor biólogo evolutivo jóven se lo ganaron, por tres años consecutivos, estudiantes colombianos!

    I wrote a note about it (in Spanish) / Escribí una nota sobre esto aquí

  • Jul, 2022: It was so much fun to join, as an invited speaker, the annual retreat of our IMPRS graduate school. We have such a wonderful group of students doing research at the Max Planck and Tübingen University.

    Find info about our PhD program here

  • Jun, 2022: After 2 years of online meetings, Luisa attended and gave a talk at the in-person PEQG meeting in Asilomar, CA.

  • Mar, 2022: Luisa gave an invited talk at the meeting “Mind the gap: From Genotype to Phenotype and the role of Modelling, Genomic Prediction and Development”. She will talk about the dynamic nature of genotype-phenotype maps.

  • Feb, 2022: Luisa was invited to give a talk at the First Meeting of Biology Alumni from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. // Luisa fue invitada a dar una charla en el Primer Encuentro de Egresados de Biologia UNAL.

    Video [minuto 2:00:22]:

  • Feb, 2022: Maria Langegger joins the lab as Lab Manager. Welcome Maria!

  • Feb, 2022: The Pallares Lab is officially open for business at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society. Come join us in beautiful Tübingen!